Unlike other clubs, our grounds are our own property. This gives us security, and also a huge responsibility. We have inherited an amazing equestrian facility of 6 arenas, a handy mount ring, cross country course, sheds, and clubhouse. We have also inherited a club that has high standards and an awesome work ethic. Where the work of past committees and families has provided all this for us, we work to maintain and improve, so the club will continue for future generations.

At every rally, there is work to be done – not just setting up, running the rally, and packing up, but all the general work of property maintenance . Between rallies, dedicated parents will attend to extra tasks such as arena surfaces, new crosscountry jumps and building maintenance. All our members all take part in Working Bees at some point during the year, and every member reaps the rewards.

Kangaroo Ground Adult Riders also ride at our grounds. They hold their rallies on Thursday mornings, and 2nd Sunday of every month and the 4th Saturday of every month. The KGARC rallies run from 9.30 – 1pm. KGARC have priority on these days and the first choice of the arena’s however we can still use the arenas or cross country and handy mount areas if they are not using them. Some of our older show jumps are left out – if you use them, please leave them in good order.

While riding on the grounds you must wear correct helmet and boots. Do not ride alone – ride with another KG member or a friend or parent on foot. Please note that dogs are not allowed on the grounds – as much for their safety as yours! The grounds are not for the public – only for KGPC or KGARC members. Your PCAV insurance now covers you 24/7 when riding anywhere. As you leave, please make sure the gate is locked. If you notice anything out of place or see someone using the grounds you think is not a member of either club, please do contact our DC – it’s a good idea to have their number in your mobile.