As a KGPC/KGARC Member, you are allowed to request use of KGPC grounds for private use, and able to bring one RIDING guest. For the avoidance of doubt:

  • A Member in this instance refers to a full fee paying KGPC/KGARC member
  • Parents and other associate members of KGPC are not considered Members who can hire the grounds.
  • Parents, coaches or spectators NOT riding do not need to register.

If you plan to bring a RIDING Guest, your Guest MUST fill out the Guest Registration form PRIOR to making this booking. This form only needs to be filled out once. Once the guest has been registered and has received confirmation, please note their name and check ‘ yes ‘ for registered. Subsequent bookings do not need further registration, provided that insurance details are up to date.

Once we have recieved your request we will endeavour to get back to you to confirm as soon as possible. Before booking, please make sure you read and agree our private hire terms and conditions and make the required payment of $10 to the KGPC Account. This fee covers use of our grounds as a non-Member, and goes towards upkeep and maintenance of our grounds.

Conditions of Entry:
-Guest must be insured by PCAV, HRCAV, EA or equivalent insurance

  • Members must only be accompanied by ONE guest rider
  • All Guest must adhere to the rules and code of conduct of the KGPC
  • All riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

PLEASE NOTE: KGARC Rallies are held on the grounds every Thursday, 2nd Sunday and 4th Saturday of each month between 9 – 1:30pm on arenas 2,3,4. Please ensure you do not book these arenas during these times and ensure you safely and respectfully share the grounds while in use by KGARC for rallies.